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passed 70. president obama toured some of the devastated areas of new jersey with governor chris christie. >> we are here for you. we will not forget. >> we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help that you need until you rebuild. >> the president and the governor took a helicopter tour of the new jersey coast and they saw where a record storm surge took out the boardwalk in atlantic city and a roller coaster on the beach at seaside heights. amazing video. >>> new york city is in a transportation emergency in the wake of sandy. these are live pictures coming in from the long lines of commuters. look at that. that's a long line there. governor cuomo ordered fares for all trains, subways and buses to be waved today and tomorrow as a way to encourage people to take mass transit. there are long lines at gas stations because many are still closed due to power outages or empty tanks. >> i bet 60 or 70% use mass transit to get to work. tough today. >>> bart may have a solution to that nagging problem plaguing escalators at train stations. they often break down because the machinery
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1